After day three of waking up at 6am ‘bright and early’, even before the sunrise may I add… it dawned on me that you get more holiday for your money with a baby/toddler. Fact. Gaining at least 3 to 4 hours a day depending on how lazy one used to be pre-baby means you are first to breakfast, first on the beach, best selection of beds, more sunshine, more pool time, more swimming sessions, more sand castles. Bonus!

I haven’t got any magic tips to give because I think everyone knows what’s best for their bubba’s! Bring more of what you think you need though, we ran out of formula and had to start using normal milk which is fine, I just should have packed more. For me – Ed living off cold baked beans, grated cheese and good old spaghetti bolognese for the whole holiday worked a treat. PLENTY of snacks too, my boy loves a snack. Swimming and running up and down the reception ramp continuously is hard work!

Lots of family memories. Lots of quality time. Lots of beach time, pool time and sunset watching time! Lots of rum punches… but just in different quantities to what I used to have. I would HIGHLY recommend Barbados – I’d return time and time again without a doubt and look forward to my next trip!┬áThe locals are super friendly and LOVED my little man. He found his groove and loved dancing anywhere he heard music, the stage at Oistins was his for at least an hour – he’s got a super little shoulder jig going on now. New moves!

I am lucky & blessed!