January and February saw the “H” family go on a huge amazing adventure! My brother’s wedding in Brisbane, me being on maternity leave and my husband in his quiet season were three bonafide reasons to book a long trip and have a month of a lifetime. For the record, I am open to having a holiday anytime – I certainly don’t need a reason!! It just made sense though. Cue three Singapore Airlines tickets booked and paid for before Ed was even born!

I heard so many shocked people say to me, in the politest manner I am sure you can imagine, “How the ?@%&@!! hell are you going to travel that far with a baby?”, “You must be mad”, “Are you crazy?”. I laugh in the face of danger and when someone says it’s going to be tough or a challenge. I am up for it even more. I like to prove people wrong!

So how did travelling with a baby go? Well. Actually is wasn’t that bad… In fact on reflection as I am now home, it was bloody brilliant! Ed was a superstar. Now, I know I have a totally chilled out little boy and am very lucky. I don’t shout too loud about it for fear of being jinxed but he’s very much like me (ha ha ha). Chilled. Happy to go with the flow. Loves his sleep (especially on flights so it seems!). Loves food, drink, wine and cocktails. (No, I did not give Ed wine or cocktails). He’s certainly like his dad by the fact he also loves a party. In fact, we’ve decided that Ed is made for travelling. Don’t get me wrong, we had a few hairy moments: Cue ambulance to get us to the hospital for Ed in Australia (I am sure him putting the Singapore remote in his mouth didn’t help that!). Cue forgetting the 50spf factor sun protector buggy thingy that I purposely spent £35 on for Australia only to find I’d forgotten to pack it & finally, cue washing bottles out of the tiniest bathroom in Singapore and playing with Ed at 3am in the morning… jet lag only hit him the 1st day which was actually ok in the grand scheme of things!

As a family, we had the BEST time. Made so many lovely memories and laughed so much together. It was a whole month of pure fun and pure quality time. I took a million photos and made sure I treasured every moment. I realise how lucky I am and am so grateful to have this cute little dude.

My main reason for this post is in the wise words of Nike – JUST DO IT – with a baby. Going out, a trip to Aus, a weekend away… whatever it may be. You can make it as stressful or as easy as you want to. We both went into this trip expecting it to be ‘pretty’ challenging and to our surprise we just took everything in our stride and went with the flow. We went it to it as a team. TONNES of people have said to us, “Easygoing parents, easygoing baby”. Is this true? Who knows… From the day Ed was born we’ve made him fit into our lives. He’s partied late into the night (NYE!), he’s snuggled me in bed and we’ve been lazy until I kid you not 12pm noon, he’s been on trains, planes, trams and taxis – adventures are just the best!

And no… Ed didn’t listen to headphones at the age of 7 months or sit and watch cartoons! The photo opportunity was just too great to miss!