Edward is 4 Months Old!

I’ve been meaning to fill in the “baby book” but I never get any time to do it (does anyone, really and truly?). In a bid to never forget, I’ve decided to add a few landmark posts onto the blog so the moments are captured. I’m stealing a format I saw a few weeks ago, all trial and error, (and I will try to add a 1 month, 2 month and 3 month update) so here goes…

Edward Howson – Diary Blog Update

Age: 4 months

Things you love: Babyrice – you are mega hungry still and waking up at least 2 X in the night, mummy loves giving you your baby rice which you just guzzle down. You started at 14 weeks and loved it from the start. Being lifted up in the air – you love facing someone and being thrown in the air, giggles galore! Colourful scarves being draped over your face – you get a total kick out of having something draped over your face. You have the cutest gummy laugh! Your Daddy Monkey and Baby Monkey seem to be the favourite toys at the moment as well as Freddie the Firefly and Terrance the Tiger Shark.

Things you are not so keen on: Teething – your hand is in your mouth constantly now, you don’t grizzle but I can see you are in so much pain, you like to chomp on my finger and what a chomp it is. 4 month injections also rocked your world! You 100% are not keen on injections, Daddy held you this time and gave you a massive snuggle. You also hate hand dryers and properly throw a screech and turn grumpy when you hear them! When you go to throw a paddy, your lip drops and you look so dramatic. We always end up laughing at you because you look so cute!

You have been to these places: Spain – first holiday to Marbella, you were a gem, no crying on the plane and you loved the pool even though it was freezing, you had camps made for you, you slept in your tent, looked at the boats in the marina and loved walking next to the waves. You had full on attention and playtime with Daddy, Nanna and Grandad. Apart from a little (!) nappy explosion whilst out for dinner one day, family H nailed the holiday! Baby Sensory Class – you love these classes and each week you pay more and more attention to what’s going on. Puppets seem to be your favourite thing to play with. Space and Back was fab, you cried when the crinkly silver paper came out, it’s the same noise as hair driers which you also hate! Next week is the Pumpkin Patch session and I can’t wait to dress you up in a pumpkin outfit! In fact, you are going to be dressed up a lot (sorry!), you will have more than one outfit for Halloween… and don’t even start me on Christmas.

Firsts: Rolling over onto your tummy – you mastered this on holiday when I kept finding you smushed into the side of the travel sleeping tent. I could hear a shuffle shuffle shuffle, now I know you were scooching around. Lifting your head and enjoying the freedom to see – you’ve not been keen up until now, now you just love being nosy, you lift up look around for me and smile the biggest smile, manage about 20 seconds then drop down. As soon as you realise you are stuck you get frustrated and make some weird noises. You’ve also found your voice and have had some good old screeching sessions, it’s so cute to see your reaction and hear you talk.

You are eating: Baby rice everyday, lots of it too, now mainly at 5pm ish though to try and fill you up. You’ve tried carrots but you are not too fussed, sweet potato seems a hit. You are drinking 7oz of milk about 5 X a day – you wake at 8am, again at about 12pm/1pm ish, 4pm ish, then baby rice, then a bottle before bed about 7pmish. I’ve been giving you a dream feed at 11pm where you’ll have 6/7oz and when you wake at 3/4am you guzzle 7oz. I’m going to start feeding you up at lunchtime now too. You weighed in at 16lbs at 19 weeks old, up a tiny bit from 15lbs at 11 weeks – you are on the 85th percentile.

You are sleeping: You are in your own room in the big cot (19 weeks), it took a couple of nights to work out that you need to be in a sleeping bag to stop you doing cot gymnastics and that you need to be tucked in to stop you flipping over! I slept in the same room with you for a few nights to make sure you were ok too. It’s a sign of you growing up… you are growing so fast, the Moses basket and the crib never stood a chance really. You are still waking 2 X a night, I don’t mind snuggling you at all though as you are up, you down a bottle of milk,  then you go straight back to sleep – all done and dusted in 20 mins and I often get a great big smile. I kiss you a zillion times throughout the day which I know I won’t be able to do forever so I’m sneaking the kisses in! I need to start getting you to nap properly now during the day.

Other Bits: You are SUPER smiley in the morning and love a good cuddle first thing. We like to call you all sorts of names, mainly munchkin, Edwardo, Edward and Ed. We have so many snuggles, or snugs for short. I kiss you tonnes and tell you that I am going to kiss you forever and you will just have to deal with it. I sing to you and you laugh at me – your two favourite songs are: You Are My Sunshine… and also Elvis, Teddy Bear (we have them on repeat  and I still don’t know the words)! You also love the 5 Little Ducks and 5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed song. We go mental in the kitchen and dance to the Peanut Butter Jelly song on the radio. You love your dummy but can sleep without it, you are finding your thumb every now and again which is cute as Uncle Craig used to suck his thumb! Daddy loves to give you your last bottle before bed, he loves his snuggle time with you. You’ve had a few boy’s nights in with Daddy too. You’ve had so many visitors, too many to mention – Auntie Lissa has put you to bed, Debbie has been round to look after you, Conor and Daisy love having cuddles with you and took you for a walk. We’ve had a family roast at Nanny and Grandad Howson’s house with your cousins and Uncle Lee. Auntie Jane loves cuddling you! We’ve met Auntie Suse and Auntie Janey for lunch. On holiday you saw Christine and Dave and the Lasenby family. You’ve been snuggled by Lizzy and Sarah, my Auntie Mary, your great Nanny and all the girls from the Baby Group. Auntie Mel and Isla for singsongs! Auntie Kirsty and Evie met us for the longest lunch ever and we managed to meet Laura and the gorgeous twinnies Poppy and Lottie for playtime at Whizzkidz. Nanna and Grandad snuggle you as often as they can and always sneak over to the house. Grandad loves building you secret camps and has babysat you a few times too! You are so loved, so popular and so BUSY!!!

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  1. Aawwww!! So cute!! You definitely enjoy being a mum too! This reminds me of looking after my nephew! He was hungry all the time,loved a jar food called Grandpas Sunday Lunch, and baby porridge.

    Then the biting fingers thing!! I felt so sorry for him, I willingly gave him a finger. Seeing them in pain is tough,eh?

    Lastly,have you thought of buying hungry milk in the brand of baby milk? That might help.. Boys, always hungry.. Haaaaa!!


    1. Awww – thank you for replying! I have two adorable nephews, being an Auntie is the BEST! Being a mum is another level of BEST! This little munchkin has been on Hungry Baby milk since birth, he’s just simply my hungry hippo. I’m going to start upping the number of babyrice meals. Thank you for commenting, I’m new to this! Xx

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      1. Yay!! Being an aunty is good! I like to hand them back at the moment! The mummy level is quite different.. Can’t hand them back-But by then most mums wouldn’t want to! Ed. Looks like an easygoing baby, very smiley.. You must be doing something right! I’ll check again!


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