Life is complicated enough… when did Nursery Rhymes have to join the party?


Ba Ba Black Sheep, Incy Wincy, Jack and Jill – all classic nursery rhymes, remembered from childhood, straight forward, ‘normal’. Ones I’ve got nailed. I know the tunes, I know the words and I know the hand gestures.

Fast forward to now… 2015… it’s all so confusing… I’ve been to a few baby group’s recently where there’s a spaceship song (?!?) a turtle song with bubbles (yes, real bubbles are blown around the room at the kiddies?!?), verses that have been added to said ‘classics’ above that I swear did not exist and a few others I’ve never even heard of!

So picture the scene, I rock up to the library. Go through the front door (everyone goes through the back where the buggies go, first error). I have a coffee in hand, oops, no drinks in the library, second error – duh! So… imagine me, first time mum sat in the circle with my baby that seems to fall asleep just as all the action is happening. Song-time starts with a ‘welcome’ song – never heard of it. Then we have the ‘turtle’ song – never heard of it, then another one, something zoom zoom zoom, blastoff!, never heard of it. We do have a few normal nursery rhymes where I am able to sing with gusto but what a revelation, where have these other songs come from? Turns out there’s a couple of mums from my birth group in the same boat… thank god! We just stare at each other in a confused yet embarrassed state. Finally we finish with a ‘goodbye’ song. Yes, you guessed, I’ve never heard of that either.

I’m going back to the group. I’ll master the songs. I’ll be able to sing them loud and proud karaoke style to little Ted – I know he loves my renditions of Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder (poor child), thankfully MTV is on all the time so he’s also well versed with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and One Direction!

Off to look at YouTube nursery rhyme videos… ha ha ha.

Edward's First Trip to the Library for Songtime
Edward’s First Trip to the Library for Songtime

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